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Refined seal oil, extra virgin olive oil and vitamin D.

The ratio mix between the ingredients are patented knowledge.

Product Specifications

Olivita Natural, 250 ml, liquid (tba)

Olivita with lemon taste, 250 ml, liquid (tba)

Olivita Capsules, 120 capsules (tba)

About the Ingredients

Seal oil contains larger amounts of the omega-3 fatty acid DPA than omega-3 from fish or krill. DPA originates from another fatty acid EPA. However, although fish oil contains only small amounts of DPA, seal oil contains relatively plentiful amounts. The oil from the harp seal contains 4-6%. It has been claimed that around one-third of the health benefits of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids circulating in the human body may be attributed to the effects of the DPA fatty acid.

The olive oil is rich in potent antioxidants which have proven to be very healthy, especially the anti-inflammatory effect.

The seal oil is refined at Fortuna Oils in Kristiansund. Read more about the refining process of seal oil.

Each batch of oil is analyzed and the oil can be traced from the capsule to the processing plant. Every link in the supply chain is certified.  The food grade refining plant at Fortuna Oils is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Origin of the Ingredients

The seal oil comes from a sustainable population of harp seals on the West Ice, located north of Iceland between Greenland and Jan Mayen island. Since 2016, the seal oil used by Olivita AS has been supplied by the sealing vessel MV Havsel. The sealing season is from 20 March to 5 May. The sealing is strictly regulated, and inspectors from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority are onboard all the sealing vessels. Seals are generally hunted now using rifles.

The cold-pressed olive oil is from Spain and is carefully selected to meet specified requirements and quality parameters.

The Vitamin D is made of lanolin.

Supplement facts and ingredients list

Ingredients oil natural 250 ml

Ingredients oil natural lemon flavor 250 ml

Ingredients capsules a` 1000 mg


Product Specification Seal Oil (Fortuna Oils)

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Lemon Flavor

Technical Data Sheet PDV 1305 Lemon