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Åshild P. Larsen

Åshild got rid of stiff fingers and painful joints.

Åshild Paulsdatter Larsen (57) feared the worst when the joints were stiffened.

“Three years ago, I felt my joints began to get very rigid, and I was actually worried that I was getting arthritis. I went to the general doctor – and got excluded arthritis, Larsen starts.

However, the problem was still present.

“A good friend and a colleague of mine advised me in this regard about Olivita. Since I started using Olivita regulary I have only been better and better. I think it has helped me a lot, “says Åshild.

Softer in joints

Professors Bjarne Østerud and Edel O. Elvevoll from the Arctic University of Tromsø, have studied the health benefits of marine oils for over 20 years. The studies have shown that the synergy between the combination of omega-3 from seal and antioxidants from extra virgin olive oil can be very positive for people’s health – and in particular, arthritis problems.

“The change did not happen overnight, but gradually after I started with Olivita. After a while I realized that I was softer in joints, and that I gradually became better and better,” says Åshild.

– Do not you feel any pain in your joints today?

– Very little and I if I stop using Olivita for a week I can feel the difference. I get stiff in my fingers. My recommendation is to use Olivita. It’s the way to eternal life, she smiles.

Everyday Happiness

Good health means everything for the active 57-year-old. Both private and at work.

“Mountain hikin and being out in nature is my life. That means everything. I’m out in the mountains all year round – either on skis or feet. It’s pure happiness and everyday life.

The same applies to the job as a nurse at the hospital.

“In addition, I work at the hospital and have a busy days. This means that you must be in a reasonable form of having such a type of job. I have a full job and I’ll do that for many years, “says Åshild Paulsdatter Larsen.