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Kristian Ulriksen er Nord-Norges beste maraton løper

Kristian Ulriksen

From poker player till marathon runner.

Kristian Ulriksen (31)’s transformation has been formidable. From being a semi-corpulent poker player to becoming Norway’s 4th fastest marathon runner – and Northern Norway’s best – in 2017 – with time 2.22.30.

His father was an important reason why Ulriksen changed from poker player till marathon runner- when he entered a bet that his son within six months could manage to run the Midnight Sun Marathon under less than three hours the summer of 2011.

Hunting new heights

Today Ulriksen trains hard to reach the dream at 2.20 on the marathon distance.

-To go through the change I’ve made, one must have the motivation to lay down the required job. I have been stubborn and at the same time good at getting in touch with professionals who can develop me further. In addition, I have been lucky to have the ability to withstand exercise – that is, I have avoided major stress injuries, says Kristian Ulriksen.

Recommends cross country skiing

During his transformation from poker player to marathon runner he has been through several sports to gain inspiration and knowledge.

Kristian Ulriksen bruker omega-3 kosttilskuddet Olivita

-What advice do you have until they want to get in good shape until the summer?

-From New Year to Midnight Sun Marathon, it’s just over six months, which offers many opportunities. Initially I wanted to set up a realistic training program with great variety. Throughout the winter I would prioritize cross-country skiing with a range of one to two runners a week. When we get out in March I would get up with an extra race a week.

-Lower injury risk

Today Ulriksen is a coach of Tromsø Løpeklubb, willingly sharing his advice.

“To get well in good shape, it requires a good general form, continuity in the workout and long periods without harm. Large exercise variability reduces injury risk, better motivation and more “through body”, he explains.

Diet and sleep

Ulriksen’s key has been hard-core mentality combined with conscious focus on rest and diet.

-The irony of rest and diet is that it really means more than the actual exercise. Exercise is about breaking down and then building up. Many are good to break down, but many forget that the importance of giving the body time to rebuild, Ulriksen initiates.

Balanced diet

In a hectic business day as an economist at Roald Madsen AS, the problem can often be challenging.

“Most of us athletes know about the importance of balanced diet, but the challenge is often to get a regular and proper diet in a busy day filled with temptations. If efforts are to be combined with full work and family life, good planning is required. Training needs to be adapted to everyday life – not the opposite, the marathon runner determines.

-Restitution is about two things: diet and sleep. These are the areas I have the greatest improvement potential and if I will achieve the goals I have set for the year, restitution must be prioritized.

Started with Olivita

One of the grips Ulriksen has done before the 2018 season is to start with Olivita.

-What made you try Olivita?

-My parents recommended me to try Olivita. The experience has been exclusively positive. During my everyday active workouts, it feels like Olivita is giving me extra energy. This is particularly noticeable during the dark times – where we lack vitamin D, he says.

Ulriksen’s five advice for effective race training: 

1. Race relaxed

2. Lower shoulders

3. Varying terrain

4. Treadmill on “hardcore”

5. Strong in the stomach and back