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Morten Gamst Pedersen

Morten Gamst Pedersen

Olivita allows top football player to pick up important margins as athlete

Proper diet allows previous Premier League, Norwegian national- and now Norwegian Top Football player for Tromsø IL, Morten Gamst Pedersen to pick up important margins as athlete.

There are no shortcuts to keep you on top.

– If you drive Ferrari, you fill 98 octan, says Gamst Pedersen.

Gamst Pedersen has always had a conscious focus on diet and restitution. It has paid off. Particularly during his seasons in Blackburn, he was extremely rarely injured – and played almost every matches during the six seasons he played 288 Premier League matches for the club – only keeper Brad Friedel had more. He also sat club records in the number of seasons in a row with goals scored (8) – and had over 30 goals in total for Blackburn.

– Diet is something that is of great importance when you are an athlete. It’s like driving a car; if you have a Ferrari, you fill the 98 octane on the tank – the best aviation fuel you can get. It’s the same with a human being; Do you put bad food into your body, you will not get as much back from your training.

And while the body is aging – the focus is still sharp.

– In Tromsø IL (TIL) we have a very good focus on diet. It is important to be able to retrieve margins wherever possible. We at TIL are so fortunate that we have the possibility to use the Olivita products. We have now been using it regulary for 3 years and it for sure gives a positive effect. If you can get margins on using such type of dietary supplement – then there’s nothing better than that.

Physical Trainer in TIL – Truls Hallen – explains why the club has chosen to use the Norwegian based omega-3 product Olivita.

Jonas Johansen og fysisk trener Truls Hallen i Tromsø IL

– For top athletes it is important with the intake of omega-3 and antioxidants. We know that it can have a beneficial effect on the recovery between the sessions, and it is also important for heart and circulation. We have also seen that it can have a beneficial effect on joints as football is a sport where the joints are heavily burdened, “says Hallen.