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Oddbjørg Kraknes reduserte leddsmertene og senket kolesterolet etter at hun startet med Olivita

Oddbjørg Kraknes

Oddbjørg reduced her cholesterol and joint pain

Oddbjørg Kraknes (70) is originally from Kjøllefjord in Finnmark but has spent the past 18 years in Kongsberg.

The 70-year-old is retired but still takes shifts in the health and care sector and lives an active life with her husband Bjørnar Kraknes.

She attributes this to Olivita.

“We were visiting some friends in Tromsø, who introduced us to Olivita. They told us that they had a much better life after they started taking it. We bought some bottles of Olivita and that’s a decision we have never regretted,” says Oddbjørg Kraknes.

The joint pain stopped with Olivita

Two years have now passed since the couple started taking Olivita – an omega-3 dietary supplement consisting of a combination of seal oil and olive oil.

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She now notices a huge difference.

“I feel it helps us in everyday life and I’m finally sleeping well again. In the past I barely had a night’s sleep without waking up and needing to get up. I sleep all night now.

I had terrible problems with pain in my feet and knees but after I started taking Olivita the pains have gradually disappeared,” says the 70-year-old.

Lower cholesterol

After having a cholesterol level of 7-8 two years ago, her cholesterol level has now dropped right down to 4.

“At the end of this year my ‘bad’ cholesterol had gone up a bit – to 4 – but that’s no crisis. I stopped taking statins a year ago and gradually phased them out. My feet, knees and humour in general are now great.”

She starts the day with large spoonfuls of Olivita oil.

“It works really well. I have osteoarthritis in my knees. Although it will never disappear completely, it has become much, much better.

In the past, the pain was dreadful, and the stairs were especially challenging. I had to walk one step at a time down the stairs,” she remembers.

Enjoying an active retirement

Oddbjørg and her husband are now enjoying life. They are making the most of their time as pensioners, which they spend with their family, hiking, working and on trips to Spain.

“Luckily, we are both healthy. We often joke that we don’t really have time to be pensioners,” laughs at the 70-year-old.

They are both are active members of the local hiking association and go on regular hikes with the seniors’ group. Oddbjørg works night shifts in psychiatry, while Bjørnar works for a company called “Bruk en senior” (Use a senior).

They often visit their children and grandchildren, including regular trips in their camper van to Sortland where one of their daughters live. However, in the wintertime they travel to Spain.

“In early January, we travel to Torrevieja for three months, which we really enjoy. We do all sorts of activities like walking every day, going bowling and dancing. I couldn’t have managed that if the pain hadn’t gone away, so it’s wonderful,” smiles Oddbjørg Kraknes.