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Randi Bushmann

Randi Bushmann

Randi struggled with pain in her knees.

– Olivita means a lot to me. Both physically and mentally. I have such an active lifestyle as I can according to my prerequisites. Olivita helps to “lubricate” my joints, says Randi Buschmann.

After the knee went out of line many years ago, Randi began to struggle with pain when beeing active. A combination of Olivita and physical activity has done wonders for the teacher with the active lifestyle.

“I’m missing a bit of cartilage after my knee broke out many years ago. I notice that if I do not use Olivita, I get pain and must be careful. I know that the oil helps. I keep my knee up to date. Without Olivita, I do not think I could have gone to the mountain and do what I did before, she says.

Was recommended after X-rays

Randi tells her that she was recommended seal oil at the hospital after she was in the X-ray.

The choice fell on the only omega-3 diet supplement consisting of both seal and olive oil. Over 20 years of study of marine oils, by professors Bjarne Østerud and Edel O. Elvevoll, have shown that the synergy between the oils can be very positive for people’s health.

-It worked perfectly for me. I always have Olivita with me in my luggage when I travel.

Why did you choose Olivita?

-The fact that the product is produced in the Arctic City of Tromsø, by people from here means something to me. I feel I can be confident in the product, and it is important when taking products like oil, she answers.

The fear of being seated

For a lady who has appreciated an active lifestyle throughout her life, still sitting is her worst nightmare.

“It’s not all damage that can be repaired, and then it’s important that you can do something that will make it better, not just sitting. Being active for me means everything. Both physically and mentally. It’s awesome.

What do you do when you are active?

-I go in the mountains, paddles, cycling trips. Especially walking in the mountains is important to me, says Randi Buschmann.