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Reidun Hansen

Reidun (66) tells her intense story to help others

“I was depressed by the fact that I had so much pain and so many different health problems kept appearing. I’m extremely happy now. I feel like a different person.”

But the road there has been long for Reidun Hansen (66). The friendly woman from Nordreisa in the Northern part of Norway, who manages an after-school programme, has always appreciated an active lifestyle. She is now telling her intense story to help others.

Struggled with joint problems

The 66-year-old has struggled a lot in recent years. One physical challenge after another proved too much and finally resulted in mental health problems.

“I started experiencing painful joint ailments in my hip and knees when I was in my 30s. In the end, it became so bad that I couldn’t sleep without taking painkillers and I had to sleep with my pillow between my knees. It’s a hereditary ailment. All my siblings have had hip and knee operations.”

Sick leave from work

In March, she couldn’t manage any longer. After suffering acute pain at work, Reidun had to take sick leave.

“I was referred to Narvik for an X-ray. It showed wear and tear in my hip and knees. There was hardly any cartilage left.”

Consequently, she was told she needed an operation in the summer. “But it came so suddenly. I started to panic and declined the offer.”

Olivita proved to be the solution

As an alternative, she chose to try Olivita – the only omega-3 dietary supplement consisting of both seal oil and olive oil.

“I have several friends who use it and my sister recommended it too.”

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The progress amazed her

“My sister had just started taking it. I thought I would try it too. I started taking Olivita in July, I think. I have now started back at work full-time. I have virtually no pain anymore. It’s completely amazing. I could never have dreamed of this,” says Reidun Hansen.

Heart problems

However, poor hips and knees were only part of the clinical picture for Hansen. The 66-year-old was also afflicted with atrial fibrillation (an irregular heart rhythm).

“My father and all 10 of his siblings have passed away due to heart-related problems. I have also suffered from painful atrial fibrillation periodically. I haven’t experienced any such symptoms over the past six months.”


Hansen also struggled with inflammation of the colon.

“My colon became inflamed every third month, but six months have now passed since I last experienced this. It was a desperate situation because it got worse every time. It seems like the problem has been solved.”

Eczema and hair loss

The 66-year-old says she was afflicted by so many ailments at the same time.

“I started struggling with hair loss and my hair become very thin. That has also stopped now,” she says, adding that she has also struggled with eczema. “But I haven’t had eczema at all this winter. In the past, I struggled with swollen eyes and my arms itched intensely.”

“Big impact”

In other words, life is now far brighter for Reidun Hansen than it was six months ago.

“I don’t know if everything can be attributed to Olivita, but I’m pretty sure it has had a big impact. I’m convinced of this, especially when it comes to my heart, joints and colon.”

She adds that the reason she has chosen to share her wide-ranging health situation is simple: “If I can help other people to gain a better life, I really wish to do so. I was very depressed but now I feel like a completely different person. Being able to walk without pain in particular is absolutely wonderful,” says a happy Reidun Hansen.

Running down the stairs

She says she takes one spoonful of Olivita oil in the morning and another in the evening.

“It’s wonderful to be able to run down the stairs again!”