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Terje Tønnesen bruker Olivita omega-3 kosttilskudd

Terje Tønnesen

Terje lowered his cholesterol.

An active outdoor man

It is typically Norwegian to be good. The retired 68 year old, Terje Tønnesen, is a little better. The retired head of department in Veidekke is the the definition of health itself. Happy and feeling well after another trip on Freikollen, 629 meters above sea level.

Inactive days at work

Much sedentary work behind Veidekke’s office building made it necessary for Terje to recover after the end of work. He still has that after he retired.

– This top trip I need to have at least a couple of times a week. As soon as my wife has gone to work, I’m on my way up to Freikollen. In addition, I travel a lot around the woods and fields, walking the dog, playing with my grand children and puzzles in the garden.

An exerciser

Terje characterizes himself as a versatile sportsman who likes to ski and ice skate.

– I have been in good shape ever since I was young,” says the retiree, who seems to enjoy life. Every single day.

Struggled with high cholesterol

– My challenge all these years has been that I had cholesterol values that were to high, and most of the bad LDL cholesterol. This did not bother me physically, but I often thought about it. The last cholesterol measurement at the doctor just over a year ago showed a total cholesterol of 8.9 – a clear elevated cholesterol. Now, the cholesterol has been reduced to a satisfactory level below 5.0. This is due to Olivita alone. This dietary supplement hasdone miracles with my cholesterol, says Terje.

Was recommended Olivita by a friend

– It was a friend, Ole Thomas Thomassen, who advised me to start with Olivita. Now I take a sip every morning. I was probably in good shape before I started with the dietary supplement, but since I started I have not had stretching injuries and never felt pain in my muscles or joints. Which is a bonus for taking Olivita.