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Return and refund policy

Return and refund policy for one-time-buys.

The Buyer has the right of cancellation which means that the buyer can return the item to the seller without reason. The Buyer must notify the seller of the use of the right of cancellation within 14 days of receipt of the item and the refund form.

When using the right of cancellation, the item must be returned to the seller within a reasonable period of time. The Seller is obliged to repay the entire purchase price to the buyer within 14 days from the date the seller receives the item or the voucher or the goods are placed at the seller’s disposal. The Seller can not set fees for the buyer’s use of the right of withdrawal, but the seller may require the Buyer to pay the cost of the return shipment. The Buyer must check the product before he or she regrets the purchase. However, the product must be returned to the Seller in approximately the same condition and quantity as it was when the Buyer received it. The Buyer should return the item back to the Seller in the original packaging if this is possible.

If customs refuses delivery of the Buyers package and returns it to the Seller, the Seller will apply a credit for the dollar amount of the product returned to the Seller. Shipping charges are non-refundable and won’t be credited to the Buyers account.

Return and refund policy for subscriptions.

When ordering a subscription, the right of cancellation applies to the first delivery as described in “Return and refund policy for one-time-buys”. Since the product is the same, the right of return for subsequent consignments is not applicable to the subscription. If the Buyer nevertheless chooses to return one of the next shipments the Buyer, unless otherwise is agreed, can receive an invoice for return costs. Shipments returned by postal order or by registered mail will not be retrieved. Termination of subscription must be made as described in section 4 of the Terms and Conditions.