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Omega-3 kosttilskuddet Olivita, gir deg nok vitamin-D i mørketiden

Do I need vitamin D and omega-3 supplement during the winter?

In November the sun disappears in Northern Norway – this you should be aware of.

In Norway it is called “Mørketid”. The time of the year when the sun does not get up, and is not visible over the horizon at all.

November 27th  begins the official dark time in Tromsø, The Arctic Capital of the High North. Until 15th of January the sun’s course will go under the horizon – even in the middle of the day when it’s at its peak.

The further north we arrive, the longer lasts this period. At Nordkapp the dark time started already 20th of  November and lasts until 22nd of January. In “South” in Svolvær, this time starts on 7th of December and lasts almost one month.

The reason for this is that the darkest time lasts shortest at the polar circles and increases in length the longer towards the respective poles you arrive. Right at the poles it is very special. There is dark time six months a year – and midnight sun in the second half.

Healthy effect

If the planet had been without atmosphere, the separation of darkness had been at the polar circle. When the sunlight passes through the atmosphere it will break and deflect downward.

This allows you to see the sun even though it is physically located below the horizon. For us who live in the north, it’s the lucky effect that the day will be longer and the dark time will shorter.

Vitamin D

Nevertheless, many in the north are experiencing the dark time as a tough period. The lack of light is the main reason why many feel without energy in winter, but a good diet can help you considerably.

Getting enough vitamin D is a challenge far north. The levels of vitamin D that we have accumulated during the summer do not last until next summer. We have to get it through the diet.

Oily fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel and herring are very good sources of vitamin D. You can also find it in lean fish, but not in equal amounts.

Many people struggle to get enough fish and new research shows that young people (in Norway) under the age of 34 eat about half as much seafood as they did in 2012. It is known that inadequate vitamin D intake increases the risk of osteoporosis. Research shows that the risk of a less healthier life increases dramatically if seafood is omitted from the menu.

Omega-3 food supplement

A good alternative if you struggle to get enough fish is to apply our patented omega-3 food supplement, Olivita. No other omega-3 dietary supplement contains the combination of omega-3 from seal oil and cold-pressed olive oil, supplemented with vitamin D.

The health effects are documented, and research has shown that it is the synergy between the omega-3 from the seal oil and the antioxidants in the cold-pressed olive oil that gives the many and unique health effects.