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What are the effects of the Mediterranean and Inuit Diet?

Most people know that the Mediterranean diet protects against many so-called “western” diseases, but many people does not probably know that the Inuit diet also gives much of the same protection against diseases.

Olive oil and seal oil are important ingredients in these diets, but why are they so important for good health?

Interestingly, industrialized countries have had great success in reducing infectious diseases and hence mortality related to particular bacterial infections, while creating an environment where metabolic, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases have flourished.

Although there has been a significant decline in mortality of cardiovascular disease since the early 1970s, mainly due to new drugs and especially blood pressure medicine, there is a sensational increase in other so-called “western” diseases.

Cardiovascular disease is still the biggest cause of premature death and reduced quality of life. What characterizes these diseases is their origin from inflammatory-related reactions in the body that, to a significant extent, beyond inheritance, arises from the food you eat.

In this context, it is very interesting to note that both the traditional Mediterranean diet and the diet for inuits in Greenland have effects that protect against the development of the so-called “western” diseases occurring in northern Europe and the United States which include heart attacks, stroke, rheumatic diseases , asthma, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease and various cancer diseases.

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